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Atlanta Latina person of the year 2006 nominees

link: atlantalatino.com/detail.php?id=6813

Five years ago Atlanta Latino started looking for the "Person of the Year" each year. This member is characterized for having tirelessly worked- without seeking acknowledgement- to better the lives of Hispanics in Georgia.

The nominees are:

...-Frank Figueroa, the former director of Latin American issues of the DeKalb Police Department, for defenting the community against the law SB 529.

...-Pedro Marin, Georgia Assembly representative of district 96 (D-Duluth), for his service in different non-profit organizations.

-Teodoro Maus, a spokesperson for the Alianza de 17 de Marzo, for representing the Hispanic community in the marches and on the radio public service ads for the boycotts.

-Father Fabio Sotelo of the Catholic Mission of Doraville, for his participation in the marches and his help to the community.

-Curt Thompson, state senator (D-Norcross), for his close relationship withthe Latino community.


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