Ask Amy Miller of the Nebraska ACLU why she supports lowering wages for U.S. workers

Yesterday, the small town of Fremont in Nebraska passed a Hazleton-style ordinance designed to reduce illegal immigration. That town - population 25,000 - has seen an influx of Hispanics - most likely illegal aliens from Mexico or Central America - to work in their meat packing plants. As it turns out, meat-packing used to be a fairly well-paid occupation, but over the past several years operators have tried to cut their costs by seeking a foreign, usually illegal, and exploitable labor force. A recent example is provided by Postville; the former head of the meatpacking company in that town was recently sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Now, if you've been living in a cave for a few decades, you might think that the far-left would support good, union jobs and would oppose illegal immigrants brought in basically as scab labor.

Except, well, the far-left has other priorities, with the Nebraska branch of the American Civil Liberties Union threatening a lawsuit against Fremont (link):

"I'm afraid this is part of a larger, nationwide trend, most obviously typified by what has happened in Arizona," said Amy Miller, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Nebraska, which is seeking an injunction against the Fremont law. "There is no rational reason for Fremont to be worried about protecting our border. But it is a community, like many in rural Nebraska, where the only population growth has been in new immigrants, many of them people of color."

Ms. Miller is in effect helping those corrupt plant operators who want cheap, exploitable labor. And, she's in effect helping drive down American wages. If you'd like to do a good turn, go to one of her public appearances and ask her about what she's helping do. She might say there are other reasons for the proposed lawsuit, in which case ask her what exactly she's doing to stem future illegal immigration. Most likely she won't have an answer. Whatever she says, upload it to Youtube so the rest of the country can see what the ACLU is actually supporting.

You can start by reading to her the letter here. The ACLU is incredibly easy to discredit and to reveal for what they are. So, get out there and do it.