Is any politician worried about the "tea parties"? (Rep. Sam Farr, Carmel/Monterey)

Another worthless "tea party" protest was held today, this in the Carmel/Monterey area of California. A few pictures are here.

Why is this worthless? For an example, let's take a look at this handy chart showing the winning election percentages from Rep. Sam Farr, the Democrat who represents that area (

2008: 73.4%
2006: 75.9%
2004: 67%
2002: 68%
2000: 69%
1998: 65%
1996: 59%
1994: 52%
1993: 52%

Even Hugo Chavez must be envious. Yet, the only thing that Glenn Reynolds (, Pajamas Media, and their shadowy friends have to offer is a lame street protest featuring a handful of people. Even the fact that at least one of those people was dressed as a clown isn't going to make a dent in Farr's winning percentages. I've never heard of Farr before, so I don't know whether he laughed or chuckled or just turned away in boredom when he heard about the protest. But, I'm absolutely positive that he wasn't concerned. Almost all of those who attended the protest were among the 25% or so who voted for his opponent.

If you want politicians to be concerned, you have to reach out to their voters and have an effect on their power base. Worthless protests like this do not do that, and considering that the message they're sending borders on the fringe, they're never going to get more than a handful of protesters.

Write Pajamas Media and suggest that instead of wasting peoples' time by putting on shows they do things that are effective, such as asking politicians questions designed to discredit them.

UPDATE: Just for kicks, I searched Youtube for "tea party protest and "tea parties" protest. The most-watched video in the second search has less than 2000 views. The most-watched video in the first search has almost a million views, but that's simply Rick Santelli's original rant. After that it gets a lot - a lot - worse. The second is an unrelated sitcom. Then, a derivative of the Santelli rant advertising Then, a sleazy anti-tea party video that was linked by Wonkette. Then, this two-year-old, unrelated video that leaves me wondering what's going on. Then, it gets worse. And, all of those have less than 10,000 views.

One thing that did catch my attention was the Binghampton, NY protest with just over 3,000 views (link). Shot in a semi-surrealistic fashion, a dozen people poured soda into their river... for they were protesting a tax on non-diet soda. One lady plaintively wails that she knows their event isn't going to have an effect, but she just "wanted to do something". There's always asking politicians tough questions.

UPDATE 2: Insty discusses the Green Bay protest (

Believe me, Green Bay congressman Steve Kagen knows there are people in his district who are upset, now. Getting 1,200 people who don’t usually protest to turn out and march on a Congressional office makes a point.

Per WP, Kagen wasn't in a good position to begin with, winning by just 7,000 votes overall and by less than 1,000 votes in the county that's home to Green Bay. The protest will definitely catch Kagen's attention. But, does anyone think he's going to forsake the tens of thousands of Dems who voted for him to chase after conservative Republicans or libertarians, many of whom would probably never consider voting for a Dem?

Are Insty and friends as stupid as they're acting, or is there some sort of subtle game they're playing?