What Anna Almendrala didn't tell you (Huffington Post)

Anna Almendrala - a Huffington Post "Senior Healthy Living Editor" - offers "Here's Why Trump’s New Travel Ban Could Make Us Sicker, Not Safer/Doctors from the six affected countries provide vital health care in underserved regions of the U.S." [1]

There's something very important she neglected to mention, either because she couldn't figure it out or didn't care:

..."The people who are most hurt by the executive order in terms of health are the Trump base from the Midwest,” said Peter Ganong, an assistant professor of public policy at the University of Chicago. “It’s a particularly sad irony that people who voted for Trump will potentially end up getting worse medical care because of this.”

And because of the general uncertainty regarding immigrant travel during this administration, the second executive order only compounds the fear that some immigrant doctors face if they want to visit family members back home, Ganong added. That might make some doctors decide that life in the U.S. is too unsustainable to continue their medical practice...

Actually, most would probably continue their medical practice. They'd just do it in countries that are in far greater need of doctors than the U.S. There are 12 paragraphs in Almendrala post, and none of them even hint at how the migration of doctors from struggling foreign countries to the U.S. greatly harms those foreign countries.

See the post about the "Immigration Doctors Project" for the details and what the Huffington Post and Ganong's study didn't reveal.

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