Andrew Marcus and Andrew Breitbart support the DREAM Act (through their own stupidity)

I used to think that Andrew Breitbart was a bright guy who was laughing behind the backs of the absolute idiots that he publishes at BigGovernment, BigHollywood, and his other sites. Now, I'm not so sure.

A recent post from Andrew Marcus (link at [1], bio at [2], linked by Glenn Reynolds [3]) has BigGovernment acting like the far-left and racial power groups when it comes to concerns about illegal aliens being able to attend colleges at the in-state rate. And, unlike the far-left, they don't know what they're doing: they're helping the far-left because they're absolute idiots.

At the post, Marcus quotes a student who's been protesting fee increases as saying:

Well um in the fall the UC regents voted in a %32 fee increase to over 10000 a year for in-state tuition. This at a time that they are cutting classes, letting in fewer student from in-state and more students from out of state. Um, so effectively we are closing off the campus, making it less accessible to people, and those who are here are getting less out of their education.

He then goes on to accuse the student of hypocrisy and says:

That complaint doesn’t sound too immigrant friendly. Is she saying that Berkeley students only want immigrants from other states and countries just as long as they go to private schools?

Now, I'd like you the reader to please go take a look at the DREAM Act page, which is about an anti-American bill that would let current or former illegal aliens attend college at the in-state rate. Please go take a look; it'll just take you a minute to get the gist.

As you can see, this site has been opposed to that bill for several years, and on the PIIPP page we've collected a large number of examples of the mainstream media printing cookie-cutter propaganda articles promoting that anti-American bill.

Did Andrew Brietbart and Andrew Marcus come out against that bill and support those - like to a certain extent the student - who realize that we only have limited resources?

No, Breitbart and Marcus did the exact opposite, playing little games like little children and acting just like the far-left, but without knowing what they're doing.

Memo to Andrew Breitbart: grow up and try to raise yourself above Glenn Reynolds' level.


[2] From

Andrew Marcus is an independent video and multimedia producer based in the Midwest. For the past several years his work has focused heavily on web distributed political stories in video and blog format.

Early examples of his work include first-person coverage of the Camp Cindy protests in Crawford, Texas, as presented on his blog, Lights, Camera, Protest! In 2005, Andrew produced the video blog, The Mental Ward, to cover the Ward Churchill visit to DePaul University. In 2006, Andrew led a team of bloggers to produce ground-breaking video coverage of the congressional mid-term elections from Lieberman HQ. In 2007, Andrew produced the video blog, Incorrect University, to document politically incorrect actions on campus, beginning with the Terrorism Awareness Project’s Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. Recently, Andrew has been working closely with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to produce web videos documenting stories of injustice on college campuses. Most recently, Andrew has devoted his energies to producing Founding Bloggers, his current political blogging project.

[3] says "AT BIG GOVERNMENT, a look at Berkeley Riot Hypocrisy. Who knew those rioters were immigrant-haters?"