American Civil Liberties Union opposes both 287g and Secure Communities

The following is from congressional testimony offered by the American Civil Liberties Union (more on them and questions for them at the link) on April 2, 2008 [1]:

Recommendations: The ACLU urges that ICE:
* Halt entering into future (287g) agreements with states and localities;
* Cease recognition and compliance with 287(g) agreements currently in operation.
* Halt implementation of the Secure Communities plan which seeks to expand state and local law enforcement powers to enforce federal immigration laws.

[1] The file is at and, while they probably say some things that would serve American interests at least about a few of the federal government's programs, they amply demonstrate that they have no use for our immigration laws.
Title: "Written Statement For a Hearing on Homeland Security Oversight Submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee".
Authors: Caroline Fredrickson, Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office and Joanne Lin, Legislative Counsel, ACLU Washington Legislative Office


For being unwilling to fight for our freedoms, and undermining ANY common sense measures to protect fellow US citzens......... Why isn't the ACLU designated a terrorist group? Their actions can only be described as anti american at best. How about bringing a class action lawsuit against the ACLU for the harm they have caused by blocking things like prop 187 or their support of the unconstitutional sanctuary city BS? Give them some of their own medicine as well as show others of their contemptous lawsuits against all law abidding citizens.