Amendment to require photo ID for ObamaCare services defeated in Senate (Baucus bill)

The mainstream media, Barack Obama, and others have repeatedly claimed that the various Obama healthcare plans wouldn't include illegal aliens. For the reasons outlined at the link, that's false. And, their false claims are further undercut by repeated attempts by the Democrats to render ineffective attempts at enforcement, like this latest where an amendment to the Max Baucus bill was blocked:

The bill... would require applicants to verify their names, places of birth and Social Security numbers. In addition, legal immigrants would have to wait five years, as under current law, after obtaining citizenship or legal residency to access federal healthcare benefits such as Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program or receive tax credits or purchase insurance through the exchange created by the legislation.

But the would not require them to show a photo ID, such as a drivers license. Without that requirement, the bill "remains dearly lacking when it comes to identification," Grassley said. "Frankly, I'm very perplexed as to why anyone would oppose this amendment," he said.

But Democratic Sen. Jeff Bingaman, who represents the border state of New Mexico, said that the type of fraud Grassley said he wants to prevent is highly uncommon. "The way I see the amendment, it's a solution without a problem," Bingaman said.


So long story short, as Joe Wilson said so eloquently; "YOU LIE "

_...said that the type of fraud Grassley said he wants to prevent is highly uncommon._ He can't be serious.

"receive tax credits" Receiving a "tax credit" for taxes is a euphamism for WELFARE which of course is what Obamacare is, its welfare. The so called "poor" of course (people that don't work and pay taxes or people that SAY they don't work or bother to pay taxes) wont have to "buy" insurance, they'll be given free* money to "buy" insurance. *"Free" of course means taken from people that do work and pay taxes. Who cares about illegal immigrants, legal immigrants will get this "free" welfare program, and they're in far greater numbers than illegal aliens.

Time for a bigger march ....One guy had a sign that said... "This time we came without our guns"

Stupid retards. Always talking about their guns. Buy a book retards.

Mary the next time millions will need to do the work of freedom against the worlds monkeys here and outside our nation, many will pay for the evil acts of madness.

And Mike will defend his family and himself with a book.

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