513 future illegal aliens were packed in two trucks, thanks to illegal immigration supporters

The Mexican government recently rescued 513 people who were packed into two tractor-trailers bound for the U.S. where they hoped to cross illegally (link) [1].

Think about that for a second: there was probably more room on most slave ships.

And, who's supporting today's version of slave ships? All of those who oppose strict enforcement of our immigration laws. That includes Barack Obama (see Obama immigration), most Democratic Party leaders, many GOP leaders, many business leaders (see US Chamber of Commerce), supposed religious leaders, supposed thinktanks like the Center for American Progress, far-left groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, racial power groups like the National Council of La Raza, and many more.

All of those people and groups act like sociopaths who stand on one side of a raging river encouraging or enabling those on the other side to cross. And, all engage in false compassion, pretending that they're compassionate when the actions they take lead to 513 people being packed into two trucks.

[1] Four hundred of them were repatriated to Guatemala; dozens are from other Latin America countries; and also: "12 [are] from India, six from Nepal, three from China and a woman who said she is from Japan."