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Dorothy Hogg
Iowa, USA
Representing @Pres2Influence at COP25 Madrid. #FixArticle6. Biiiig fan of @KimberlyforIowa, @sunrisemvmtCR, and Buffy Summers (she/hers)
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From @SenatorRobHogg
One more picture from tonight’s climate conversation with @TomSteyer at Next Page Books in Cedar Rapids - Tom’s a g…
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From @dorothyjh7
@SenatorRobHogg @TomSteyer Then why doesn’t @TomSteyer use the millions of dollars he spends on ads to fund candida…
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.@dorothyjh7: the much bigger issue is those like Steyer & @SenatorRobHogg have never made a valid, persuasive argument for their "climate change" stance. Advocates use flawed data & cover it up with logical fallacies or outright attempts at censorship.