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February 27, 2004
Laws, sausage, and L.A. Times hit pieces

On today's John and Ken Show, former Congressman Bob Dornan mentioned that he had been sent some L.A. Times internal memos in which they discussed ways to produce a hit piece on him. Dornan is currently trying to unseat Dana Rohrbacher.

The hit piece was to appear in the L.A. Times Magazine and was to be written by Jean Pasco.

Dornan referred to this as a scandal, but we'll have to wait for him to release the memos to find out whether it is indeed a scandal or it's just an internal discussion of how to write an article. According to Dornan, Jean Pasco has helped or is willing to help Dana Rohrbacher in his campaign against Dornan. Dornan says he's going to release the memos after the election. According to this:

But those inconsistencies arenít as troubling as Rohrabacherís mysterious relationship with three men arrested or under federal investigation for suspected ties to Osama bin Ladenís worldwide terrorist network... Although itís clear he most fears mainstream coverage of his terrorist connections, Orange County Register reporters are pretending the big controversy in the race is medical marijuana. So far, both the Register, where the congressman once worked as an editorial writer, and the Orange County bureau of the Los Angeles Times, which often uses Rohrabacher pal Jean Pasco to cover politics, have ignored the terrorist scandal.

Some Jean Pasco stories are listed here.

UPDATE: Here's a bit of a hit piece by Jean Pasco against Howard Kaloogian: 'GOP Hopeful Seeks to Rival Boxer With Righteousness'.

Jean Pasco is also attributed as 'Jean O. Pasco'; using the latter as a search term brings up these hits at the Times site.

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