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February 25, 2004
Ah, the free-flowing L.A. River in the moonlight

STORMWATCH 2004 COMMAND CENTER - It's raining fairly heavily here, and it's expected to last for at several more hours.

However, it hasn't rained that much, because the L.A. River is still about 10' below its rim.

There is, of course, no direct moonlight, but the orange street lamps on the bike path beside the river at Los Feliz Blvd. created a wonderful display. Those aren't whitecaps you see reflected on the waves, it's the large amount of garbage speedily churning its way to the sea. Strangely enough, I was not the only non-bum, non-gangsta who decided to turn out to see L.A.'s own beloved drainage ditch at that location tonight.

If the rain holds up, by tomorrow it will probably be almost overflowing its banks. Stay tuned.

Herewith some L.A. River links:

Posted by The Lonewacko Blog to Los Angeles at February 25, 2004 10:20 PM
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