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February 25, 2004
Welcome Judy Woodruff and/or her producer

Earlier today, I paid a brief visit to a speech by Teresa Heinz-Kerry in downtown L.A.

If you are Judy Woodruff or her producer, the Kerry-Enron connection story is here.

To summarize: Ken Lay of Enron was on the Heinz Foundation board for about a decade. They praised him even after the Enron scandal broke. However, he left their board shortly before John Kerry began using "Enron-style abuses" as almost a campaign slogan. Several negative references to not just Enron but to Ken Lay himself can be found on, Kerry's official site.

This story has been covered in the Washington Post, but my story has links to Enron/Ken Lay references at Kerry's web site. See also this and this.

Also, you might want to look into the millions of dollars that the Heinz Foundation has donated to the Tides Foundation. Tides donates to several far-left groups, such as CAIR, the National Lawyer's Guild, Indymedia, and the Ruckus Society. This is described here.

For yet another story idea, consider that the gentleman who introduced Heinz-Kerry today is a former member of a racial separatist organization.

Antonio Villaraigosa (pictured above) was the president of the UCLA chapter of MEChA. A reporter from radio station KNX asked Villaraigosa to renounce MEChA's aims, and Villaraigosa refused. As far as I know, he still refuses. You'll remember that California Lt. Gov. Bustamante is also a former member of MEChA, and he also refused to renounce his involvement with that organization. That played a part in the Gray Davis recall.

In case you aren't Judy Woodruff or her producer, I parked in a 'No Parking 4-7pm' zone, so I had to leave just as THK was starting her speech. I'm sure if she said anything of note it will be covered by CNN or another organization.

I tried to tell another CNN reporter about the Kerry-Enron connection, and she told me to go see Judy Woodruff's producer. I gotta tell you I was shocked when I got over to where the producer was and, looking to my other side, I realized I was standing next to Ms. Woodruff herself. Let's see if my trip was worthwhile.

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