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Vik Verma
Kilgore, Texas
Regional Lead for Organizing for Action in East Texas, Precinct 16 Chair, Gregg County Democratic Party
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.@v2aggie2: 2nd try, Vik! Was the AAN poll Menendez tweeted & you RTed lying about #immigration "reform", yes or no? #OFA #tcot #tgdn #ows
.@v2aggie2: AAN poll Menendez tweeted (& you RTed) claims those in reform won't "receive any taxpayer paid benefits". Is that true? #OFA #p2
.@v2aggie2: I'm referring to your RT of Bob Menendez hyping this deceptive AAN poll: #immigration #Iowa #tcot #p2
@v2aggie2: hi, I saw your tweet about that Iowa immigration poll. I heard someone say the poll is misleading. Is that right?