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Gen. Robert E Lee
God Bless America
America Will Never Regain International Respect & Prominence With Muslim Obama In Office #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016
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Trump has a mass legalization plan for illegal aliens. #doh #Trump2016 RT @ScottRipem99 MT @Suthen_boy: LEGAL immigration [not illegal, etc]
.@RosaleeShawn @dennis_costello @Suthen_boy: she said we need to annihilate radical Islam, not Islamic radicals. Yahoo/Reuters are lying.
.@Suthen_boy: great majority of Muslims are peaceful. What's missing is wimpy/conflicted like @DeanOfComedy to speak out. Get after him.
.@Suthen_boy: not all Muslims are vermin; saying so *helps* CAIR etc. Maybe you meant vermin among Muslims instead? @CherylC10418761 #Tcot
RT @Suthen_boy PC ESPN Suspends Curt - Compared islam to Nazis Kudos Kurt! ESPN afraid to offend muslim vermin
.@r1965rainey @Suthen_boy: clear this up! Get 1 of these to say exactly what Trump'd do: joshfornhsenate heytana jerrydelemus kwrcrow
.@r1965rainey @Suthen_boy: Trump has said both they have to leave & they can come back legalized. But, his page only says criminals would go
.@r1965rainey @Suthen_boy: Trump's #immigration page says nothing about what he'd do with millions of non-criminal illegal aliens. #tcot
.@Suthen_boy: it's within your power to #StopObamasAmnesty. Make @NumbersUSA do smart things, like the campaign in my bio. #immigration #sgp