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Stephen Goldstein
Philadelphia, PA
I'd rather be skiing. Ph.D. candidate in virology. Coronaviruses, flaviviruses. I certainly don't speak for anyone else.
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.@stgoldst: the NEJM OpEd you praise is deceptive: The question becomes: what do you know anyway? #Ebola #tcot
RT @stgoldst I think this is perfect. Really couldn't be said any better, or more graciously// About the deceptive NEJM OpEd. #Ebola #tcot
.@stgoldst: sure, here's the NEJM OpEd Seth Mnookin tweeted: Let me know what you think about it.
.@stgoldst: Seth Mnookin linked an interesting NEJM OpEd on quarantines. What do you think of it?
RT @edyong209: The Atlantic have really fucked up with this one Cheers to @sethmnookin & @stgoldst for calling the…
RT @jameshamblin: @stgoldst @sethmnookin I really appreciate the concerns, guys. Please send rebuttals, corrections, contacts, etc, jhambli…