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Steve Hirsch
Alabama, USA
Contributing writer and author @BrokenAmericaT. #MAGA #Nationalist
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.@Stevenwhirsch99: does a #MuslimBan give ISIS - a group adept at propaganda - arguments they can use to recruit terrorists?
.@Stevenwhirsch99: Farook was born in Chicago. Would a #MuslimBan have prevented him from being born?
MT @Stevenwhirsch99 With a #MuslimBan, San Bernardno shooting would have never happened and 14 people would still be alive. Thank you Trump!
.@Nan33S @Stevenwhirsch99: if #BLMKidnapping races were reversed, it'd be *huge* story. Black leaders are competent. #AltRight #Trump2016
If not that, MSM & #CNN would cover it 24/7 for weeks. @Nan33S RT @Stevenwhirsch99: [there'd be riots if #BLMKidnapping races were reversed]
RT @Stevenwhirsch99: Cities would be on fire right now if the shoe was on the other foot. #BLMKidnapping