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Chèvre Sourire
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Life is short. Eat the cookie. Buy the shoes. #RedNationRising #Illini #StLCards
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.@St_Louis_Ray: Hillary will be pressing a ton of flesh over the next 1.5 years. There will be countless opportunities to ask her questions.
.@St_Louis_Ray: I saw you tweeted a link to NumbersUSA. Did you read Sen Jeff Sessions' list of 200 things Obama did to hamper enforcement?
.@St_Louis_Ray: I haven't tweeted a semi-colon for hours. The *colon* in this & previous tweets means I am addressing you, as w/ a letter.
.@St_Louis_Ray: you clearly have no idea what basic punctuation means. I never put words into your mouth. If you oppose JennyBeth, say it.
.@St_Louis_Ray: you RTed this: I commented on you doing that. All legit & aboveboard
.@St_Louis_Ray: anti-amnesty is an 80%/20% thing. #Teaparty is a 20%/80% (or worse) thing. #immigration #sgp #tgdn #gop #uniteblue #p2 #GOP
.@St_Louis_Ray: it's great that @jennybethm is finally paying attention to #immigration. But, she's obviously doing it wrong. #teaparty #sgp