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.@kylemaichle52: wants some fame, even a Drudge link? Ask @scottkwalker this question on video: #immigration #WI
.@myfeldman: want to *really* undercut @scottkwalker? Point out to #Teaparty that he won't come out against legalizing illegal aliens. #ows
.@mng2mala: @scottkwalker won't reply if he opposes mass legalization for illegal aliens: Don't trust him. #tcot
.@MichaelRStrain: @scottkwalker can't even answer this simple question: He can't hide forever. #immigration #tcot
.@skotcovert: get @ScottKWalker to answer this question: If he won't answer "hell no", he's an "amnesty" fan. #tcot
.@ScottKWalker: do you oppose any mass legalization plan for more than 100,000 illegal aliens?