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Sacramento, California
Bio: is a leading West Coast organization standing strong for children and families and promoting moral virtues for the common good since 1999.
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.@mooncindylu @Singerman2000: I repeatedly tried to get @savecalifornia to stop assisted suicide & they ignored it. They bear part blame.
.@cachick1111: SB128 isn't really a partisan issue, but @savecalifornia is a conservative group & they refused to use my smart plan.
.@cachick1111: I gave @savecalifornia a smart plan that would have stopped #SB128. They ignored it. Whose side are they on?
.@Mom_of_IV: I asked @savecalifornia to help with a very smart method that would have stopped #SB128 & they ignored me. Demand better.
.@AnFiesta: I've called/emailed/tweeted @savecalifornia looking for help with a smart plan to stop CA's #SB128. Can you ask them to reply?
.@savecalifornia: four anti-SB128 questions you can ask at the May 11 Sacramento meeting: Your feedback is welcome.
.@savecalifornia: here's how to stop SB 128: Will you help with that?