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Approximately 14-15 billion years ago the universe came into existence with the big bang. Then pretty much nothing happened until 1980.
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.@sagebrushsailor @cory_allen1: if either one of you have a valid argument to anything I've written to you or otherwise, let me know.
.@sagebrushsailor: even head of #AFLCIO admits #immigration "reform" is used to lower wages: @cory_allen1 #occupy
.@sagebrushsailor: #DailyShow is hyping #immigration reform, thereby aligning themselves w/ USChamber & Koch. Why do you help? cory_allen1
.@sagebrushsailor @cory_allen1: why are you helping 0.1%ers like Stewart of #DailyShow get cheaper domestic labor? #immigration #CTL #sgp