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Ted Yoho
Representing Florida's 3rd Congressional District; large animal veterinarian; conservative business owner; Member of @HFACRepublicans & @HouseAgNews Committees
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.@djmincey11: @RepTedYoho refuses to answer this simple, 18-word #immigration question: You can't trust him. #tcot
.@WeHaveAlready: months later, @RepTedYoho refuses to answer this simple question about amnesty: That OK with you?
.@truckerbooman: @RepTedYoho refuses to answer this simple amnesty question: Why won't he answer? #tcot #teaparty
.@chickenman246: @reptedyoho won't answer this simple question that would clarify his #immigration stance: #tcot
.@Marvel28768: @RepTedYoho says he's against amnesty, but what's important is if he's against mass legalization:
.@RepTedYoho: do you oppose any mass legalization plan for more than 100,000 illegal aliens, now or in the future?