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Luis V. Gutierrez
Chicago and DC
I fight for the American dream as a Member of Congress representing the 4th District of IL. More at:
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MT @ESMcIntyre RT @RepGutierrez: CNN/ORC Poll: 60% say US government's top priority should be plan to legalize undocumented immigrants
.@ESMcIntyre: as an investigative journalist, what does @RepGutierrez hope to gain from amnesty? Money or what? When'll you investigate?
.@Scully64 RT @meandmorningjoe: @RepGutierrez @CNN Oh Luis, govt was wrong under Obama's anti-American exec orders, Trump & ICE [fixed it]
.@Scully64 @meandmorningjoe: on the anti-American DREAM Act, Trump is closer to @RepGutierrez than he is to me. Look up his quotes on it.
.@BiteMeYes: lots of ways to undercut @RepGutierrez: Why do your leaders help him by not doing them?
.@RepGutierrez supports "a common land, language, life and history, which translates into a common culture": #tcot
Like him! RT @SenWarren Watch @RepGutierrez tell [P.R. Control Board] to open its doors to actual Puerto Ricans, not just Wall Street.
MT @TigCook RT @KarlTPF: #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #buildawall #DonaldTrumpforPresident SCREW YOU @RepGutierrez