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.@bizcarson: under @reidhoffman 's own rules, Trump could tweet "Leave Trump alone!" & due to all the RTs it'd become #WTF policy.
.@zorian: like ODS sufferers holding out for Whitey Tape, @reidhoffman led people on with Trump's taxes. Was that competent planning by him?
.@caroljsroth: how did the @reidhoffman plan to stop Trump work out? Did he show competence or great incompetence? I think we all know.
Instead of kid stuff, swallow your pride & use only plan that'd work. MT @reidhoffman RT @todharmon: "What should Trump be for Halloween?"
.@bencasnocha: the *only* thing that will stop Trump is Maybe you can ask @reidhoffman why he won't make it happen.
.@bencasnocha: I see @reidhoffman RTed you. How would you grade his anti-Trump efforts so far? We haven't & won't see Trump's taxes, right?
.@mfb714: there are 2 separate issues. Should we see Trump's taxes? Yes. Will his taxes cost him the election as @reidhoffman thinks? No.
.@MakeItPlain: Trump fans are worried about their jobs being outsourced by oligarchs like @ReidHoffman. They don't GAFF about Trump's taxes.
.@reidhoffman: *only* way to stop Trump is If you can't bring yourself to make that happen, then you're helping him.
.@reidhoffman: what if Trump tax returns are questionable but his fans/potential fans don't care? You're like those questing for Whitey Tape
Less surprising Bilderberger: the pro-mass #immigration & FWDUS crony @reidhoffman of #LinkedIn. #Bilderberg #tcot #occupy #ows #uniteblue