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Reward if u find me! lol USA
Business owner/There's a difference between knowing the path & walking the path! Do it w/finesse! followed by the muffin man,humpty dumpty,he,haw,& Trumpsters
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.@ReginadolinR: Trump had a chance to undercut the anti-American #DREAMAct & flubbed it. So too w/ BLM, Warren, etc.? When will he deliver?
.@ReginadolinR @sartoris1960: Trump could win if he could make valid arguments about valid plans. So far he's just a used car salesman.
.@sartoris1960 @ReginadolinR: Pence's refugees ban got struck down, just like Trump's Muslims ban would. So they have that in common. #tcot
.@ReginadolinR: Trump's Muslims ban has *helped* Obama continue his #immigration agenda: #Trump2016 #MAGA #tcot
If true, not a point in his favor. See next. @ReginadolinR pence was the first one to back Trump in ban on Muslims coming into America
.@ReginadolinR: Pence is a big amnesty fan; he even had his own amnesty plan. He'd be great in some other county's cabinet. #Trump2016 #tcot