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Alexandra Nagy
Los Angeles, CA
SoCal Organizer with @foodandwater, real food advocate & grower, working to end oil&gas & water privatization in CA. My opinions are my own.
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.@SavePorterRanch: your low wattage reply shows why you've done nothing: #Sempra is much smarter than you. @FairlyGoodMama @RealFoodNagy
.@FairlyGoodMama: I've tried in vain to get @RealFoodNagy & @SavePorterRanch to help w/ a plan that'd solve the problem. They're part of it.
.@RealFoodNagy: 2nd try. To *stop* the #PorterRanchGasLeak will you use against Sempra execs. Will you help? #fw
.@RealFoodNagy: I missed your reply. Will you customize to *stop* the #PorterRanchGasLeak? I'll even help you.
.@RealFoodNagy: way to *stop* the #PorterRanchGasLeak is to customize & use against Sempra execs. Will you help? #fw