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#ExGOP as of May 3, 2016. All statements are made in my private capacity and not on behalf of my employer.
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.@ronbryn: if you really want to undercut @Patterico, point out *to his fans* how he refused to help stop Obama:
RT @24AheadDotCom_: .@Patterico: at #RedState, you blog about #CNNLeaks & object to @brianstelter saying "[James] O'Keefe... has a reputati…
.@Patterico: those like you can't show @brianstelter etc. wrong to their fans & won't help those who can. Ie, #CNNLeaks will fail. #RedState
.@Patterico: your response is just personal smears, like "[some say] @brianstelter is nasty bald-headed tool".That's why #CNNLeaks will fail
.@Patterico: at #RedState, you blog about #CNNLeaks & object to @brianstelter saying "[James] O'Keefe... has a reputation for shady tactics"
.@Patterico: did ACLU tie up Kobach's SB1070 for six years & gut it, yes or no? Are you helping oppose ACLU or helping them?
.@Patterico: Kobach helped Trump craft his exec orders. Has Kobach *ever* won an #immigration case against ACLU, yes or no? What about AZ?
.@Patterico: "Dana" snarks about ACLU's response to Trump's #immigration moves. I can't imagine having someone like that posting chez moi.
.@NicoleOzer: hi Nicole, I & @Patterico are still waiting for a reply. Even if you support Twitter's rights, do you oppose their censorship?
.@Patterico: are conservative news groups doing real reporting on "we only tip citizens" & prepping to discredit hacks if it's a hoax?
.@Patterico: hey Pat, have you seen all these "we only tip citizens" posts? What's the conservative plan to do something about that?
.@brianbeutler: hi Brian. Did @Patterico ever ask you his questions about your Tillis post?
.@Patterico: only way you'll stop Trump is Swallow your pride, get Cookie to swallow his, and make that happen.
.@Patterico: if you & Cookie were smart enough to stop Trump you would have done it already. Only shame is if you deny that.
.@zozopotamus: pro-amnesty grps incl MSM are working Trump. Conservatives like @Patterico can't even conceive of doing that in reverse. #gop
RT @Patterico: Trump just said his position on deportation will not change "at this moment" -- and he used the phrase TWICE. Voters take no…
.@Cliff_Sims: what's the mega-smart plan from you or @Patterico to undercut @SchreckReports to those he actually cares about? #Politico
.@Cliff_Sims: to SchreckReports, ppl like you & @Patterico calling him names is a feature, not a bug. That means he's doing OK. #teaparty
.@shibdeeble: there are things @GayPatriot, @Patterico, @RSMcCain, etc. could have done that would have led to stopping Obama's amnesties.
This plan would *stop* Obama's amnesties: Ask @GayPatriot, @RSMcCain, @Patterico & @KausMickey why they won't help.
@24AheadDotCom_ @GayPatriot @Patterico @rsmccain Literally? As opposed to pretending they are deranged...(because they can do that!)
@24AheadDotCom_ @GayPatriot @Patterico @RSMcCain "Don't sell them short, they're tremendous slouches, Judge"
Those like @GayPatriot @Patterico @RSMcCain etc. etc. have zero integrity. Their fans add on being deranged. Literally deranged. #tcot #ows
.@RSMcCain @Patterico @LegInsurrection @KEder: after the firings, will you start an effort to get Pat Buchanan back on @MSNBC? #teaparty
@Patterico Take action today to stop or minimize Obama's amnesty | 24Ahead via @24AheadDotCom
.@E__Strobel: shirtstorm is important, but stopping amnesty is *vital*. Plz ask @Patterico why he won't help with
@MAMelby And that’s “proof”? Riiiight. To support a *rumor* that the whiny #Feminazi from #ShirtStorm was doxed. @Taxpayers1234 @Patterico
@MAMelby Turning this into some sort of #Gamergate thing? Pssh. You can’t back that up. @Patterico @Taxpayers1234
Who is “targeting” her? People who mock her for her hyperactive offense complex? @MAMelby @Taxpayers1234 @Patterico @wrythink
@Taxpayers1234 @Patterico @wrythink I hope it doesn't escalate, but it might. Considering who is targeting, wouldn't put it past them.
@Taxpayers1234 @Patterico @wrythink Nope. I hear she's been doxxed now.
@MAMelby He's been doxxed and swatted. Your little friend has experienced neither. Stop exaggerating. @Patterico @wrythink
@Taxpayers1234 @Patterico @wrythink Yes - I'm sure it is. It is very different. Yet, he still thinks he's the expert. Go figure.
@MAMelby What @Patterico has endured make the shirt-hater's criticisms minuscule in comparison. @wrythink
@wrythink @Patterico Yeah - I know it's leading up to some reveal of him either being a target or something or other.
.@CounterJihad: Kaus/Krikorian/Coulter/NumbersUSA & @Patterico & other r/w bloggers have been asked repeatedly to support that w no response
.@Rufus_GB: twice I've asked @Patterico to help stop amnesty the only way that will work: Plz suggest he get it done.
.@Patterico: can you help find me brave patriots to stop amnesty the smart way: ? Either do that or Obama wins.
.@Patterico: congrats on the Rand Paul tweet. I need help w/ the best way to stop Obama's amnesty: Will you?
MT @Patterico [a moi] Being a habitual jerk does not merit suspension, as far as I know. That's all I ever saw you do. @rsmccain
.@RSMcCain @Patterico: 24AheadDotCom got suspended for "targeted abuse"; I of course dispute. Can I count on your help? #tgdn #tcot #sgp
.@brianbeutler: hi Brian. Do you know @Patterico? I believe he has some questions he wants to ask about your Tillis post.
There's also a #Vox attempt to undercut the #BorderPatrol. I'll leave discussing that to r/w leaders like @Patterico. #LOL #tcot #tgdn #sgp
How can @LegInsurrection, @proteinwisdom, @Patterico, @RSMcCain, etc. solve basic problems like picking up groceries? #tcot #uniteblue #ows
.@rneppell: @Patterico puts his dislike of me ahead of our shared interest in discrediting Yglesias. Pause & think: isn't that dumb? #tcot
.@rneppell: as I said, I've been showing Yglesias wrong to his fans since 2003. Only excuse @Patterico has for not helping is personal smear
.@rneppell: @Patterico can't show Yglesias wrong to Yglesias' fans: he can only convince those like you who were already convinced. #tcot
RT @24AheadDotCom: .@Patterico: would you say lack of pro- @MattYglesias comments on your post means that all his supporters you convinced …
RT @24AheadDotCom: Pre-2009, @Patterico, @RSMcCain etc. obsessed over flag pins, how great GWB was, flag pins, having a beer with GWB... #t…
@Patterico @24AheadDotCom Why use as a term of opprobrium the name of an organ that is a source of pleasure to so many?