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South Carolina, USA
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MT @pamnsc Numbers USA has no credibility whatsoever! Roy Beck in with @PPact -- Do your homework// See He's fake.
.@pamnsc: 1. You appear to be mentally unstable. 2. I've tried to get Beck to get smart on *how* he helps our *common* objectives. 3. Ciao!
.@pamnsc: idiots like you, #teaparty, & #OWS can't separate your *tactics* from your *objectives*. The first often must change to get 2nd.
.@pamnsc: anyone with a brain can see that amnesty is in much better shape than 2007. NumbersUSA hasn't adapted their *tactics*. #tcot #tgdn
.@pamnsc: what an intensely stupid response. My tactics are 100x smarter than calling: #immigration #tcot #tgdn
.@pamnsc @dorothy1961: just sending FAXes isn't going to block amnesty. Ask NumbersUSA why they won't adopt/adapt my tactics. #tcot #tgdn