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Libertarian, free market capitalist. Cubs, Zeppelin and Purdue are interests. Against big gov and any form of socialism. Progressives are naive, useful idiots.
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.@Chairmnoomowmow: in April, @pageian cheered Americans losing their jobs & turned his back on the ~30 million Americans in California. #sgp
RT @pageian: Ann Coulter nails it. #tcot #tlot #uniteright #uniteblue
.@pageian: you're a turncoat, a fake patriot turning your back on millions of Americans. At least you don't have the access Rosenbergs did.
.@pageian: cheering, gloating, whatever excuse you want. You're turning your back on ~30 million Americans in #California. #tcot #uniteblue
.@pageian: besides you & #Teaparty #tcot, are there other faux patriots cheering thousands of Americans losing their jobs? #OWS #uniteblue