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Natali Morris
New York, NY
Broadcaster, Writer, Reader, Other half to @claytonmorris, Mother of two children whom I try very hard not to screw up.
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.@anildash @natalimorris: before I go, I'll have the graphics team send you a cut-out-and-keep apology. #immigration #Viz #tcot #uniteblue
CORRECTION: @anildash says @natalimorris is his "acquaintance, or colleague", not "buddy" as I called her. I hereby resign from Twitter. #p2
.@anildash: in the intro, @NataliMorris says of you: "very smart blogger, in my opinion". You've met her. If not "buddy", what other term?
.@StaceyRetail: @natalimorris took part in the #Skype #AskTheWhitehouse scam: Will she do it again? #immigration
.@natalimorris: the #DREAMAct will screw some Americans out of college: Ask about that on #AskTheWhiteHouse
.@starmike: #AskTheWhitehouse is a scam: Will @natalimorris redeem it or make it worse? #bing #skype #tcot #tgdn