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Bob Miller
Cleveland, Ohio
Former Captain Infantry. Airborne, Believes in Duty, Honor,Country. Believes Democrats &, RINOS are Destroying America, IMPEACH OBAMA
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.@Miller51550: I realize you want to impeach Obama, but it wll *never* happen. Best think you can do is make happen.
.@Miller51550: the McCain/forging issue can be corrected with an amendment. Much smarter: help me attack amnesty *concepts*. #tcot #tgdn #p2
@Miller51550: best way to block amnesty is to discredit leading amnesty supporters to *their supporters*. E.g., my NunsOnTheBus tweets.
Foreign governments had access to #immigration bill authors: @Miller51550 #tcot #teaparty #sgp #gop #tpp #ocra
.@Miller51550: I've repeatedly shown Nowrasteh wrong. If I'd gotten any help publicizing it, he'd have less influence. #derp @BigBucksCo
@Miller51550: effective way to send a message about Obama's amnesty: