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A proud American from Blue Boston! President Donald Trump!!! #AmericaFirst #MAGA
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Law Enforcement: Obama's Amnesty Means Tidal Wave Of Illegal Immig Vote @SenScottBrown, @TomCottonAR & @Perduesenate
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@IngrahamAngle @SenScottBrown @TomCottonAR @Perduesenate @Maxinerunner And that's on top of the already illegals coming across our border!
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.@Jovan333: Brown & Roberts woulda won already if r/w leaders had got behind It's not too late. Make that happen.
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.@Maxinerunner: I need a smart, brave patriot to help Scott Brown win and to stop Obama's amnesty. Can you help me with something?
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@JeanneShaheen loves illegals! #nhpolitics #nhsen
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.@Maxinerunner: want to be a hero? I need a brave patriot to ask Shaheen a tough question designed to cost her the election. Will you help?