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Marlene M. Johnson
Washington, D.C.
Executive Director & CEO of @NAFSA & former Lt. Gov. of Minnesota. Advocate for international education & connecting people across borders.
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.@KatieAtNAFSA: @MarleneAtNAFSA can't answer my question about how she'd harm Americans: Is NAFSA a bad joke? #tcot
.@ImaniCrawford: @MarleneAtNAFSA never answered my question about how her #immigration policy harms Americans:
.@marleneatnafsa: when can I finally expect an answer to ? Should I just assume the expected response? #immigration
@karinfischer: maybe you can get @MarleneAtNAFSA to answer my question: #immigration #tlot #tcot #MN #Minnesota #ows
@MarleneAtNAFSA: 2 students (1 citizen, 1 illegal alien) apply for 1 college slot. If latter wins, what happens at same time? #immigration