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Reporter for Politico, former half of HaberBurns blog,RTs don't necessarily mean agreement. Pls email me thoughts, tips, random advice at
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.@fairflattaxnow: help further undercut @maggiepolitico by pointing out to her supporters her bad reporting:
.@MilesHalpine: @maggiepolitico fails at real reporting: Maybe you should help her do a better job. #Politico
.@MHB2012: @maggiepolitico passes deception from @joekgreen on to her readers: Perhaps including you. #Politico #ows
.@emtitus: hi! Can you take @maggiepolitico under your wing, help her try real reporting for a change: ? #Politico
.@DonovanSlack: can you take @maggiepolitico under your wing, help her do real reporting, not just press releases: ?
.@cwabobmaster: should reporters call those they quote on obvious lies? Ask @maggiepolitico about that: #Politico
.@fairflattaxnow: help me undercut @maggiepolitico. Search for her fans, point out she won't Question Authority:
.@maggiepolitico: if someone says, "the bad reporter at #Politico named Maggie", how do you know which one of you two they mean? #tcot #ows
.@maggiepolitico: how come #Politico has two Maggies, both horrible journalists? & #tcot
.@mpacatte: can you ask @maggiepolitico when she'll do real reporting? Just 1 example: #Politico #immigration #tlot
.@davesmith3: if Kevin Trudeau made a misleading claim, would @maggiepolitico just parrot it, as she did @joekgreen 's claim? #tcot #tgdn
.@davesmith3: if @maggiepolitico does good work, why didn't she call @joekgreen on his deceptive talking point? You call that reporting?
.@davesmith3: @maggiepolitico isn't a real journalist for many reasons, but here's just one: #immigration #Politico
.@hunterw: compare me: to @maggiepolitico: Which holds oligarchs accountable? #OWS
.@jess_mc: as a liberal, I'm sure you support keeping oligarchs like Zuck in check and will help me force @maggiepolitico to be a reporter.
.@jess_mc: compare to @maggiepolitico being Zuck's transcriptionist. #immigration #ows #Facebook #occupy
.@hunterw: can you ask @maggiepolitico when she'll try her hand at real reporting: ? #immigration #tcot #tgdn #sgp
.@RossBarkan: can you ask @maggiepolitico when she'll be a real reporter: ? #immigration #Politico #tcot #sgp
.@PoliticsOfFear: want to help me discredit @maggiepolitico? Make the point that she's not a real reporter: #tcot
.@maggiepolitico: in your piece, @joekgreen used a deceptive talking point: When will you call him on it?
.@maggiepolitico: can you define "nationalism" for us? Are all forms bad?
@maggiepolitico: compare what I asked @GovGaryJohnson to what little you asked: Be a real reporter. #tcot #tlot