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.@cristianafarias: why is #NYMag one of the few sites to still use @LiveFyre, when they really, really suck?
.@GMPaiella: suggest a switch to @Disqus to your boss. They might even help migrate you from @LiveFyre for free. #NYMag
.@GMPaiella: why is #NYMag one of the few sites still using @LiveFyre comments? They barely work, reducing engagement i.e. your salary.
.@tim_stevens: @livefyre ghosts legit commenters, tricking your legit users and harming your reputation. Please drop them.
.@tim_stevens: I had 2 browsers opened. Several edits of a @livefyre comment failed. 1 edit succeeded, then failed when I added more.
.@tim_stevens: @livefyre = *really* pissed users. l tried several times to get an anodyne comment to post at #NYMag. Only 1 version worked.
.@jkretch @LiveFyre: please go fuck yourselves, but only after @Disqus destroys your fucking waste of space company.
.@jkretch: I should sue @LiveFyre for wasting my time trying mere variants of a comment trying to get it past your incompetent filters.
@livefyre: I'm unable to login to DailyBeast using FF14 (DB login) & Chrome (Twitter login). disqus is bad, you're worse.
@Zee @Livefyre: thanks!