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Townhall Editor. @FoxNews contributor. The Hill & Pitt-Trib columnist. FPI Fellow. NYT best selling author. Latest book: Assault & Flattery. Gunsite grad.
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.@pearly2004 @KatiePavlich: my pal @DarkSecretPlace has made the point ISIS wants to lose; "evil losers" might *help* them. #MAGA #resist
.@pearly2004 @KatiePavlich: Trump calls anyone he disagrees w/ a "loser". It has no meaning & might be badge of honor to them. #MAGA #resist
DERPMT @pearly2004 RT @KatiePavlich: Leftists are seriously criticizing the President for calling terrorists evil losers. It's incredible
If @KatiePavlich *really* cared about solving problems, she'd help w/ my campaigns. Her only real goal is clicks & Fox appearances. #MAGA
.@KatiePavlich: all these bad #immigration things you, Breitbart, etc complain about *would not happen* if you were smart & sane. #MAGA?
.@KatiePavlich: if a QB keeps throwing long passes & makes most of them, what does that say about the opposing team? (P.S. you're a starter)
.@KatiePavlich: at #Townhall, you blog "In Wake of Rockville Rape, School Superintendent Accuses Parents of Racism". That's terrible.
.@kaitlancollins @KatiePavlich @TheBrodyFile are just Trump hacks, in same way Zeleny was Obama hack. Patriots demand more. #MAGA #resist
.@KatiePavlich & @TheBrodyFile got to ask Trump Qs @ his Bibi presser. I'm not expert on that issue but I'd bet my left one the Qs were weak
.@KatiePavlich: ISIS wants Christians vs Muslims. If you really think about it, wouldn't opposing ISIS genocide/murder of *all* be smarter?
At #Townhall, @KatiePavlich blogs "President Trump is Committed to Combating Christian Genocide By ISIS". Why does Trump always help ISIS?
.@WilliamTeach @KatiePavlich: if Obama isn't listening to amnesty opponents, isn't that a clue they're doing it wrong?
.@KatiePavlich: other than raising awareness & voting, can you suggest something ppl can do about Obama scuttling #immigration laws? #tcot