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Jim Wallis
Washington, DC
President and Founder of @Sojourners. Dad. Author of America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America.
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.@fullofbalogna: among many others, see Here's a challenge: get @JimWallis to say 'ger' equates to illegal alien.
.@BobPriceBBTX: if your goal is to stop amnesty (is it?), wouldn't pointing out how @JimWallis etc. help increase border deaths be smarter?
.@beauunderwood: you seem to be stuck in pre-school, Beau, try to raise the bar. Do you deny @JimWallis in effect encourages kids to cross?
.@beauunderwood: when some # of #Sojourners dupes realize @JimWallis helps lure kids across the border (some to their deaths), what happens?
.@KittenKoder: glad you agree on that part. Now, what part do @JimWallis & @DrMoore play in making it easier to come here illegally? #ows
.@PennyDreadful81: instead of acting like @JimWallis, #GlennBeck should make it easier for kids to stay in CentAm. He's not doing that. #sgp
.@yoohyun_jung: are CentAms completely unaware of open arms of Pelosi, Obama, Glenn Beck, @JimWallis, @DrMoore, etc. etc.?
.@SunkenCosts: all the energy Beck expends on teddy bears could be spent discrediting @JimWallis & others who lure kids across the desert.
.@MitchBehna: instead of discrediting those who lure kids across the border like @JimWallis, #GlennBeck acts like him. #tcot #teaparty #tgdn
.@gordonshuckrow: if Beck & @DLoesch discredited those like @JimWallis that encourage kids to cross border, would fewer die in desert? #tcot
.@wilyliam: great! Now, what do you think of those like @JimWallis, those whose actions *increase* # of kids dying in the desert? #GlennBeck
.@jlupf: do you think that on #immigration @JimWallis is not motivated by politics but simply religion?
.@LadyOnTheRight1: why don't you ask them? The Loesches won't answer me. Will they discredit their de facto allies like @JimWallis? #tcot
.@Soulsearchlady: if she/he Loesches wanted to reduce kids dying in desert they'd go the other way: discredit @JimWallis, not act like him.
.@LadyOnTheRight1: if Beck & Loesch really wanted to help border kids, they'd discredit those like @JimWallis who encourage them. Did they?
.@gmnovels: instead of decreasing kids dying on the border by discredting @JimWallis etc., @DLoesch & Beck act just like him. #teaparty #sgp
.@OkieMuskogee33: #GlennBeck should *reduce* # of reasons kids cross the border, like by discrediting @JimWallis. He does opposite. #tcot
.@astoneabcnews: question those who encourage ppl to cross the border, like @JimWallis. Call him on
.@BrandanJR: hey Brandon. How @jimwallis helps *increase* border deaths: Don't fall for charlatans.
.@TonyCampolo: @jimwallis has a very low opinion of his supporters: Don't be fooled. #immigration #Christian
.@URJCraneLake: @JimWallis is a charlatan. His #immigration stance *increases* border deaths: #tlot
.@BretMavrich: @JimWallis has a very low opinion of you: Let him know he's wrong. #immigration #Sojourners #SoJo
.@lisasharper: visualize me challenging @JimWallis on video for Youtube: Who'd win? #ElmerGantry #charlatan #tcot
MT @MarkSKrikorian @jimwallis is MCing awards event on 4/10 for "Jihad Jeannie" Butterfield (ex of @ANoorani group). #immigration #tcot #gop
.@ShannonDBarnes: #immigration stance of @JimWallis increases border deaths, decreases US wages, screws Mexico. Mine is the opposite. #ows
.@ShannonDBarnes: ex-Marxist, ex-Obama panel advisor @JimWallis is a political animal. Like me, he pushes an agenda. #immigration #tcot #ows
.@msunielsen: I don't think @JimWallis much cares that his #immigration stance increase border deaths:
.@msunielsen: are there forms of charity that don't work or do bad? Even if you assume @JimWallis means well, he's doing bad things. #tcot
.@kristipaula: @JimWallis thinks his followers are idiots: If you still think he's credible, let me know. #tlot
.@ShannonDBarnes: can I get your honest opinion? Do you believe @JimWallis when he says his #immigration stance isn't motivated by politics?
.@msunielsen: @JimWallis isn't credible. He says his #immigration stance has no political motivation. Are you buying that? #Sojourners #tlot
.@jlupf: to clarify, are you saying that you think that on #immigration @JimWallis is not motivated by politics but simply religion? #tcot
.@DavidLinden: @JimWallis thinks people like you are idiots: Let him know you aren't. #sojourners #tcot #teaparty
.@jlupf: @JimWallis says his support for #immigration "reform" isn't motivated by politics. Do you think that's an honest statement? #tcot
.@karlagoolsby: @JimWallis thinks his followers are idiots: Let him know you aren't. #sojourners #tcot #teaparty
.@JenButlerFPL: @JimWallis thinks his followers are idiots: Will they appreciate that? #immigration #ccot
.@GabiDomenzain: visualize me making these points to @JimWallis on video for Youtube: How'd he look? #immigration
Charlatan @jimwallis ( ) originally denied getting Soros $, then was forced to admit he'd been wrong. #tcot
.@m_rhodan: @JimWallis is a charlatan, using selective reading of the Bible to fill pews even tho it would increase border deaths. #ows #p2
.@m_rhodan: #immigration stance of @JimWallis would encourage more ppl to come here illegally. That means more would die crossing desert.
.@kahumikala: here's @jimwallis using same obscure phrase as GWB & MX/CA officials: Odd, no? #immigration #tlot
How @jimwallis enables increased border deaths: #NewConsensus @TheIRD @hawkinsjoshua @jbreisblatt #OWS
1/2: @JimWallis goes after #Teaparty: Smart way for #Teaparty to respond would be to... (cont'd) #sgp #tcot #ocra #tpp
@JimWallis of @Sojourners called on his support for illegal #immigration: More please.
Lil' fascists @Sojourners have blocked me from posting comments at their site; earlier: Help discredit @JimWallis
@AndrewBreitbart: get #teaparty #sgp to help discredit @jimwallis in *right way* (i.e., my way). Redbait bonus: is/was Marx fan, BHO linked.
@Sojourners deleted comment showing how @JimWallis can't be trusted: @CCIR #Arizona #immigration #charlatan
@JimWallis responds to #GlennBeck about "social justice", see my comment & back me up: #teaparty #sgp #tpp #tcot
Sleazy @JimWallis: "pray [amnesty] into passage": Discredit him on video: #sgp
@jimwallis promotes amnesty: Go to his events, call him on & upload video.