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.@gqforbes: Trump could have used Chicago to undercut BLM to their media helpers. If he can't do that, how will he handle the Middle East?
@24AheadDotCom_ @gqforbes Likely true but Trump is the best we've got.
.@Rebel_Bill @gqforbes: see my recent Marine Le Pen tweets. She's a real nationalist 1000x smarter & more patriotic than Trump. #Trump2016
#idiocracy -> @Rebel_Bill RT @gqforbes: Another WORLD LEADER ENDORSES @realDonaldTRUMP! —France's 'Larger-Than-Life' JEAN-MARIE LE PEN
.@gqforbes: @Rep_Hunter 's rep refuses to answer if he supports Trump's Muslims ban. Trump has no Congressional support for it. #Trump2016