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Frank Buckley
Alexandria VA
Law professor, Author, Trump supporter. Seeking to restore the promise of America. As seen on FOX, CNN, MSBC. #MAGA
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.@fbuckley: re #GOP "gentlemen" & "ruffians", what we really need is nonpartisan group to stop New Civics in smart/sane/pro-USA/big tent way
@ #NYPost @fbuckley blogs "How Trump can end brainwashing on US campuses". He doesn't say how because actually coming up with plans is hard.
.@DealwHudson @fbuckley: your careers are now irretrievably linked to what Trump does. As he pushes amnesty, your careers will suffer.
.@DealwHudson: @fbuckley blogs "Catholic surprise: another way Trump is remaking the GOP" in which he fingers you for helping Trump win.
.@fbuckley: millions of Trump fans think Trump Wall is a real idea but it's just a fairy tale. Aren't you staking your reputation on a lie?
.@fbuckley: as a #SAWFA brainiac, how would Trump keep ACLU/NCLR/MX govt/etc from tying up Trump Wall for years like they did SB1070?