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Former employee of the UN's IAEA in Europe☆ Reaganite- Govt. that rules least, rules best☆ #Stand4Israel Justice4 #Benghazi☆ ♡Passion for God & the NE Patriots
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.@FaithR8s: I sense your confusion. Kaus has no party; he's not from Denmark. He had nothing to do with the Danish party winning.
.@FaithR8s: I missed this "victory of @kausmickey & his no amnesty party". It stopped amnesty as a concept?
.@FaithR8s: (by "weak amnesty supporters" I mean Congresspeoples not as committed as Luis Gutierrez).
.@FaithR8s: if weak amnesty supporters saw supporting amnesty as a threat to their careers, what would they do? Would they still support it?
.@FaithR8s: there's a smart, slick way @kausmickey could have stopped amnesty, but he refused. I'll explain how he could have done it. #tcot
.@FaithR8s: there are easy things @KausMickey could have done that would have stopped amnesty; details on request. He refused to do them.