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Doug Ibendahl
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Attorney, HuffPost contributor, Republican News Watch editor. JD U of I; MBA U of C. If retweets aren't an endorsement then what are they exactly?
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MT @DougIbendahl I'm an Illinois lawyer, so not so familiar with [the very famous SB1070 that shows Trump derp]. Will check out when [I can]
.@dougibendahl: as a Chicago lawyer, surely you must be smart enough to figure this out. At least your clients hope so. #Trump2016 #tcot
.@dougibendahl: ACLU blocked SB1070 for 2 years & it only came back in tepid form. Trump's 100% unrealistic plans would be like that x 10000
.@dougibendahl: congrats on Donald Trump posting your article! As a lawyer, you must be familiar with how Arizona's SB1070 went, right?
.@DougIbendahl: you're smart. @EricZorn isn't: Feel free to answer for him. #Chicago #immigration