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Salem, Ore
Dick Hughes is editorial page editor, columnist and storytelling coach for the Statesman Journal, Salem, OR. Retweets don't mean endorsements. Sometimes. Maybe.
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.@DickHughes: hi, I haven't been keeping up with my subscription. Has the SJ come out in support of Obama's Executive Order?
.@DickHughes: if someone asked you about that at a public event & got video of your response, how'd you look in #Oregon? #immigration #tcot
.@DickHughes: when you support giving college slots to fmr illegal aliens, you also support *taking* them from Americans. #ows #oo #occupy
.@DickHughes: are there a finite number of college slots and discounts to #Oregon universities, yes or no? #immigration #tcot #tgdn #ows #p2
@DickHughes: off the wall question, hopefully you can answer. Does Mexico have a lot of people who are good at math? Let me know please.