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President Trump's Biggest Supporters. Biological Sisters. Vloggers, Public Figures & Speakers. Internet, Radio & TV Personality. #STUMP4TRUMPBABY #CHOOCHOOBABY
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.@CommonSense1212 @ClaudiaKGS: @DiamondandSilk: it'd be patriotic to oppose the very pro-amnesty Puzder. Direct me to Trump fans doing that.
Like the anti-American DREAM Act! MT @DiamondandSilk: While crooked Hillary is stuck on accusations... Trump is sticking 2 the issues
.@RealLucyLawless: point out to @DiamondandSilk & #Trump2016 that Trump's policies are 100% unrealistic:
.@DiamondandSilk: how Trump is in effect helping Obama with his immigration agenda: Please help him, not enable him.
.@DiamondandSilk: if Trump tries to build a full wall, almost all of Congress would move to strip his funding. Do you understand that?