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Emily C. Singer
New York, NY
Formerly Emily Cahn. Now, Senior Writer @mic covering politics; @rollcall, #gwu, @mashable alum; dog lady. RTs not endorsements, yada yada yada.
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.@brokenwing2005: Alex could barely read the letter he "wrote"; his dad's probably #immigration atty etc. @CahnEmily could care less.
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From @brokenwing2005
Lol BTW @CahnEmily: "I will haunt your Tinder, and only let you swipe right on Rabbi's daughters!"
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@brokenwing2005: what do you think about @CahnEmily hyping the pro-refugees 6-year-old Alex (who Obama used as a prop) w/o any reporting?