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Miranda Blue
Washington, DC
burning for america on the inside. i work at @peoplefor & @rightwingwatch, but views here are my own.
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.@emquiry @bluemir: since I'm sure you want to undercut Kobach to his voters (strong intersection w/ Trump base), how do you suggest that?
.@emquiry @bluemir: at #TPM & #PFAW, you blog about Kobach running for #Kansas gov. I'm sure your goal isn't just to use him as a bogeyman.
.@bluemir: how do you square what you say about reason for border surge with Jeh Johnson mentioning the DACA cutoff in his CentAm letter?
.@RockDocInLV: if @bluemir is telling the truth, why did Jeh Johnson stress the DACA deadline in his CentAm editorial? #immigration #ows #p2
.@bluemir: as a courtesy, I'm asking before starting a campaign. When will you correct your lie about what Bachmann said? #immigration #tcot
.@bluemir: I heard Bachmann said something stupid, but I can't find the post on RWW. Do you have a link?