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.@Beaufort_TParty: the punch line of my questioning of you and others is that I have a plan, but r/w leaders won't help me with it. #tcot
.@Beaufort_TParty: third, that's not the plan I'm looking for. I'm asking for a *battle plan* to block the current amnesty. #immigration
.@Beaufort_TParty: second, @TTancredo has almost zero influence on anything nowadays. Part of that is because he didn't help his defenders.
.@Beaufort_TParty: first: I've repeatedly defended @TTancredo and gotten no help from him or anyone else in that. That's a problem. #tcot
.@Beaufort_TParty: fair enough. Can you direct me to *any* r/w leader who has a plan to *block amnesty*? #immigration #teaparty #tcot #tgdn
.@Beaufort_TParty: I asked David Webb for his plan to block amnesty, and he didn't reply. So, what's your plan? #immigration #teaparty
@Beaufort_TParty: @DavidAxelrod & #DNC hacks lie about Kobach, #immigration, & "plague": #p2 #tlot #OWS #TopProg
@beaufort_tparty: I caught Axelrod etc. in a lie earlier today. Where's #Teaparty to help get retractions from Obama campaign? #tcot #GOP