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Journalist & Author, Orwell and The Refugees: The Untold Story of Animal Farm Views my own
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.@AndreaChalupa: your solution is easy to state: engage #NetNeutrality opponents in Socratic debate & show their arguments wrong. Implementing that is beyond supporters because they're authoritarians like #MoveOn. What they say goes, oder else. #MAGA #resist
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URGENT call to action to protect #NetNeutrality. The FCC is about to announce a vote to slash net neutrality rules,…
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.@AndreaChalupa: you say there's a "URGENT call to action to protect #NetNeutrality." The problem - as with #ClimateChange - is America is caught between two completely unbelievable alternatives. Neither of the sides are credible & few will side with #MoveOn. #MAGA #resist
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RT @MaryLTake: @leahmcelrath @AndreaChalupa He must be really desperate and have something huge to hide to go to this extreme. Won't work.…
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.@JenTromans @MaryLTake @leahmcelrath @AndreaChalupa: help undercut Schumer *to his supporters*: #MAGA #immigration