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Childlike Frank Keating of American Bankers Assn uses Reagan to promote amnesty, loose borders - 11/11/13

... Keating - now president of the American Bankers Association - offers "What would Reagan do?" (Los Angeles Times, peekURL.com/zyDNYet ). Keating's nonsensical answer to his titular question is that Reagan would repeat his failed 1986 amnesty by supporting legalization for the millions of new illegal aliens in the U.S. After quoting Reagan's "city on a hill" speech, Keating writes: Unfortunately,...

Bailout: banks wanted thousands of foreign workers as they laid-off Americans (H-1B) - 02/01/09

... households... Diane Casey Landry of the American Bankers Association spins it as being an artifact of the good times, with the current situtation being different. A Michael Bloomberg spokesman is quoted as supporting the scheme. The Associated Press wasn't able to get any specific banks on the record, but they've filed a FOIA request for more information.