How to Crush the Schemes of the Enemies Who Disseminate Unusual Lifestyles

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Welcome to today's lecture. I and Our Leader would like to congratulate you on your hair, as it appears to conform to our standards. Remember: long hair depletes your brain of the oxygen it needs and does not conform to socialist style. Do not let your hair grow longer than 2 inches. But, if you are an older man, you can let it grow 2.8 inches in case you need to comb it over.

Also, Our Leader congratulates the women in the audience for wearing such modest skirts and blouses, and I even see a few wearing the hanbok. Anything else would be a sign of the utterly rotten bourgeois lifestyle.

I must however remind you not to watch any foreign movies, as it will cloud your mental and ideological health.

Always remember that the bastards' indecent methods are clouding the mental and ideological health of the people. If we cannot stop them in time, we will be in the same position as the Iraqis. We must eradicate the erroneous way of thinking that eating foreign foods enhances your living standards.

(The preceding was derived from an L.A. Times article about North Korean propaganda. Supposedly someone smuggled their lectures into China, where they were copied and then returned to the dissident. Details here. Be assured that the L.A. Times is adapting their methods to its own ends.)


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