Mexican senate unhappy; Obama's bogus border enforcement push not bogus enough

The article with the translated title "Mexican Senate reproaches U.S. for measures against migrants" appeared in El Sol de Mexico on 2/4/10 and is translated here:

The Senate of the Republic (of the Mexican government) approved sending a message to President Felipe Calderon so that he may ask the Government of the United States to reconsider the anti-immigrant measures intended to be taken in the neighboring country’s budget for 2011. All political parties of the Senate reproached the policy change of direction of the American President, Barack Obama, who has decided to go back on the promise he made to all the Hispanic groups that supported him, and now he insists on closing the border. The government of Barack Obama seeks to increase the funds to reinforce border security with 4.6 billion dollars to support 20 thousand agents of the Border Patrol, as well as to finish the first portion of the "virtual fence."


"No this ought to read", Mexican senate ask the main drug dealer Felipe, to attack the US Population for race reasons. "Look people", if you let your enemy run your government that enemy will someday put you in the mass Grave. what this evil government wants is your life your money your country.