Bob Barr nominated as Libertarian Party presidential candidate

The results 0.2% of the country have been waiting for are finally in: Bob Barr has been nominated as the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate. It's unfortunate that the loons at the LP couldn't have nominated someone entertaining.

Now that it's apparently official, this means that Bob Barr can finally get a sane immigration position that would be different from John McCain's. Probably only around half of libertarians support loose borders, and there are so few of them that he could afford to turn his back on them knowing he'd get many more votes out of the deal. If he did that he could get a significant portion of the disaffected GOP vote and perhaps some independents as well. As it is, there's very little salient to differentiate himself from McCain or even Clinton/Obama. It's possible to make very good points regarding immigration and it would be possible for him to completely discredit his opponents on this issue. But, to do that he has to be unlike Tom Tancredo or Ron Paul: he has to directly attack his opponents on immigration and forcefully point out how they're wrong. That might even include sending campaign workers to his opponents' appearances to ask them difficult questions, but at the very least it would include press releases and the like pointing out their lies and misleading and incomplete statements.

However, based on observing his statements and how his campaign operates and the fact that he appears to be little more than an establishment hack, I don't think he has the ability to understand any of that.

UPDATE: Not so fast, as some state delegations might be considering nominating someone besides Barr ( And, for this hour's laugh about libertarians, Massachusetts party chair George Phillies says, in all seriousness and referring to Barr's support for the Defense of Marriage Act keeping Wiccans out of the military:

"My delegation is majority pagan."



Look guys Bob Barr is a joke like Obama and Mexico McCain, all are setup to do us all like little..(fill it in )x___________________________________ It is really over, Obama will start the race police up under his dismantling rule and most people will do nothing say nothing and just go-along to get along but the end game is total evil ask what can i do for my country, not what can i do to help this coming evil and the murder of freedom. Here is what the bob barr boys want total give up of all ideals of country that is the real Libertarian party, its a setup. Bob Barr must be a fool or part of a plan of dismantling our human and civil rights.

It's a "set up"??? No wonder you call yourself lone wacko. Do some research for a change -

_Now that it's apparently official, this means that Bob Barr can finally get a sane immigration position that would be different from John McCain's._ Here it is. [1] Maybe.


guys its over face facts its time to fight and make a new nation outside the old and dead one. the police state is coming and the web and cell phones and e.mail will be disappeared after Obama pig becomes the new NAU State leader. the ideals of duty and freedom are dead and most if not all will go-along to get along.